i’m tiffany!

It’s an emotional form of art that captures life’s biggest and most intimate moments. It is something I want to give others, as it is something I wish I had more of.
I’ve experienced pain, loss, trauma, and the world breaking my heart.
I want you to know that it’s okay to be broken. It’s okay to love yourself. It’s okay if it isn’t perfect.
Because, life isn’t always what we expect it to be. But that’s what makes it worth living.

Wild at Heart Photography was born from the realization that photography is more than posed memories.

Meet the Artist

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The first time I ever picked up a camera was for my elopement to my late wife. I picked it up again during my time in nursing school to create a side income. The more photos I took, the more I saw the potential in photography, and making it into an art form that speaks from the heart… hence, the name. 
I want to tell the stories that you can’t speak into words. I have found that some emotions and moments just need imagery to be brought to the surface. It is sometimes a gritty process, but a beautiful one that deserves to be shown. 
Emotion is a large part of life that makes life worth living. It is what can break and mend the heart. It’s my mission to capture your season of life in a way that you can feel fully. Our emotions are what truly allow us to relive our best memories over and over again, as long as our heart’s still beating.


"I am in love with the ordinary things of life, fresh air, acts of kindness, old soul conversations, watching things grow, listening to the rain as it empties its heart towards earth. remembering the times that I've ran through it. unafraid. spontaneous. freedoms-filled. I find pure joy in the joy of others. I am drunk on simplicity. and nostalgia. and old, thrift shops run by volunteers who just want to change the world one human at a time. I greet the morning with eyes that still have remnants of pain but will see their way through it. I am determined to create something beautiful every day. whether art. or peace. or a path for those who are lacking in light. I wish nothing for more than soft hands filled with giving. this is where I find my rest"

What has my heart


Taking a new adventure

I didn't grow up with much. Getting to see the world felt non-existent & like a dream. Yet, here I am - getting to experience so much life. I fully believe life is meant to be felt and lived and experienced. What a dream.


I love the feeling of a clean house, lighting candles, early mornings drinking coffee, indie folk music, driving down the raod with the windows down... the simple things in life.

enjoying the slow moments

If you’re looking for recommendations, check out some of my favorites: Big Magic, It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way and The Guest List. Preferably on a porch or in a nook overlooking a mountain view with coffee or hot tea in hand, next to a fire, in cool weather.

Curling up with a good book 


This can be finding five minutes throughout the day for me, physical fitness, or simply getting to be surrounded by the family I love so much. 

pursuing a life of self love


Heart Felt Love Notes

I can't believe that's us… the emotions I feel when looking at these are unmatched. 

It's like, everything I've been trying to say and can't is in these photos. They actually took my breath away because as I sit here and rock my baby at 2:30am, I am reminded that yeah I'm freaking exhausted, but wow it's a beautiful ride. I can never say thank you enough for these. Wow. Just when I thought I couldn't love them anymore.

- Kristen

Choosing wild at heart photographs was our easiest and best decision!   

Tiffany exudes all of the qualities of a true artist. Her close attention to detail, eye for capturing real raw moments, and love for what she does can be seen entirely throughout her work. She is sincere, genuine, and thoughtful. While being photographed, she does such an incredible job making you feel comfortable! Almost as if she isn’t even there. It allows you to be your self and create the moments that she can perfectly capture. Would highly recommend to anyone and everyone!

- Kate 

This is her calling!

When my now-husband and I decided on an elopement in Key West, the one thing I knew I wanted was phenomenal pictures. I gave Tiffany free reign. I trusted her completely. She researched the area, chose the location, and gave us more than just amazing photos, she gave us an experience we will never forget. These photographs perfectly depict “us”. Every single one! Time stopped and she captured it.

- Ashley

can you photograph us forever?

Tiffany is such a breathe of fresh air in this industry; truly a kindred soul! She throws herself into her sessions & has perfected her craft- from client experience to delivering the most beautifully curated galleries full of emotive dreaminess. Just book her. You will not be disappointed! Love you, Tiffany can you photograph us forever?!

- katie p.

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